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I'm a wealth management coach that helps ambitious people in business, just like you, maximise their income to optimise their wealth. I want you to make the most of every £1 you make so you start to live the lifestyle you want today and tomorrow.

Managing your money doesn't have to be boring. I want you to learn to love your finances so you can have greater financial independence.

Being a certified financial coach, qualified Chartered Financial Planner, and a certified life coach, with 17 years of wealth management experience I can give you all the tools you need to be successful with your money leaving you feeling empowered.

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When you know HOW to manage the money you make and you BELIEVE you can, you will have more TIME to enjoy it, create greater FREEDOM, and ultimately be WEALTHIER.

It's time to focus on your finance and find your freedom.

I'll help you manage your mindset, #
so you can manage your money 
and create more wealth  

Stop fearing managing your money, instead feel excited and confident to make every penny count!


Are you digging your head in the sand and feeling stuck in a negative cycle?

It's not the money holding you back, it's your relationship with money.


Your emotions drive over 90% of financial decisions which means, even with the best of intentions you end up;

  • Never charging enough in your business

  • Overspending

  • Not saving for your future

  • Not starting that investment

  • Not spending enough on what matters

  • Not investing in yourself

  • Avoiding looking at your bank balance

  • In a negative cycle of debt

If you don't feel you ARE enough you won't feel you HAVE enough.


You can end the cycle by identifying the limiting beliefs that lead to unhelpful habits.


I'll help you re-write your relationship with money so you can create healthier financial habits that will last a lifetime.  


Lucy Rosser,
Bowen Therapist

Emma's coaching has really helped me to focus on what I want to achieve and to understand how to put thoughts into positive, realistic actions. Emma's enthusiasm, passion and dedication make her a great coach. Thank you so much for all of your help, I feel inspired for the future!


  • Are you getting the professional support you need to guide you towards your financial freedom?

  • Do you feel confident about growing your wealth?

  • Do you start with good intentions but find yourself sabotaging those plans by delaying positive actions and wondering why you are still living the same financially challenging lifestyle?

  • Do you wonder where all your money goes each month?

  • Does looking at your bank account give you anxiety?

  • Do you find it difficult talking openly about money?  I know I do, it's a taboo!

  • Do you know what your money options are? Tax, investment, pensions.... which one should you be focussing on?




I am a professional highly qualified Chartered Financial Planner and a Certified Financial Coach

I hold an advanced diploma in financial planning, tax planning, investment planning, and pension planning, so when it comes to understanding what you should do with your money, you're in safe hands.


I have over 17 years of experience working in wealth management, spending a decade as an investment banker, before moving into regulated financial advice.

I will educate you on your current financial circumstances with my jargon-free friendly coaching style. But importantly I will help you to change your relationship with money by re-writing your Money Narrative™ to form lifelong financial habits that serve you.

It is only when you believe you can, that you will.


Not only have I helped others, but I've used this process to personally address my own money mindset and overcame habits that were holding even me back.  Even the experts need to work on their relationship with money.

It is time to manage your wealth with confidence. Feel empowered, resilient, and financially free.


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