Emma Wright

Financial Coach and qualified Chartered Financial Planner

I know how it feels to be in a position of financial lack, I've been there. I had it all (or so In thought), I felt I lost it all but I got it back and much more. So can you!

From my humble Bradford beginnings I have spent 16 years working in finance and built a hugely successful career in financial services.  I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2004 with a First class honours degree where I specialised in Financial Derivatives (what does this word even mean I hear you say). I spent a decade working for a major investment bank on the dealing floor before relocating to North Devon to become a Chartered Financial Planner.

In 2018 I had my first baby and naturally my priorities changed. I was telling myself unhelpful things like I can’t be mummy and be successful in my career……. My money mindset, based on what society was telling me, was holding me back!

I have been through some major crisis moments in my life, threats of redundancy in 2012, actual redundancy in 2016 and more recently  being unable to work. These experiences helped me to understand how it feels and just how important it it to have financial resilience to ensure me and my family will be okay to weather any more storms.


Despite having a successful career in finance I didn't made the most of all my income over the years, I was young and life was just too busy! I overspent on things I didn't value, I didn’t utilise vital tax annual allowances to bolster the money I was making when I had the chance and I didn’t invest as much as I should have. I was in my 20s so one can be forgiven.

In 2020 I invested in a coach of my own and it was the best thing I ever did. I was given  the support I needed to explore what I wanted in my life, understand my core driving values and explore my (mostly unhelpful) beliefs. I was able to work out what I wanted to do with my life , and my career, to give my life meaning, financial freedom and control. I have since realised my dream of being my own boss and I founded Emma Wright Coaching.

I became a Chartered Financial Planner in 2017, specialising in pension & investment planning, working with high earners and business owners. I have dedicated my life to removing financial jargon and explaining this over complex industry to my clients in a meaningful way. I want to share my financial secrets with you. I want everyone to be able to have financial wellbeing and ultimately achieve their own financial freedom, sooner than they think.

They say everything happens for a reason, what I would say to that is that it can happen to you. It is vital we take those planning steps now.


I want to help you become financially confident, resilient and independent so that you are able to live the life you want, when you want it.



I am on a mission to empower you to achieve financial freedom. I am passionate about helping you understand where you are now and what the possibilities could be if you take simple steps in the direction to where you truly want to be.

Together we will explore what’s holding you back so you can create wealth, grow and protect your money. By working with me you will gain clarity, confidence and the tools to take control of your financial future.

If you want to build wealth, wherever you are in your personal journey, you can do it! It can feel overwhelmingly impossible, but you just have to be willing to take small steps to implement change that will have a lasting impact on your life.

I'm here to show you that you can do it, how you can do it and to give you the tools and support you need to achieve it, sooner than you think!

It's time to focus on your finance

and find your freedom.


I have three elements to my vision for Emma Wright Coaching, designed to give everyone who seeks financial freedom access to my services.

Focus -  work with me one to one as your dedicated financial coach

Finance - when you know want you want to be coached on and you just want to tap into my financial secrets. I have created tailormade one to one coaching on specific financial topics to give you the tools to go away and do it for yourself.

Freedom - access to tailor made coaching programmes designed to help you realise your financial freedom. 


Focus, finance, freedom the community -  my FREE Facebook community where you can surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs and people in business that will support you in your journey to financial freedom. It’s time to feel supported. 

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