I am on a mission to empower working women to take 
control of their
money, to create

freedom to live a
wealthy life they love.

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My Mission


I believe a happy world needs more ambitious women in business.

The statistics are just terrible when it comes to men and women investing, females still lag behind. 

We have a belief that is put on us through society and the generations that as women our role is to nurture and take care of everyone around us. This leads females in business to take a back seat in their career to care for children and family members, stalling on their careers and investing into their pensions.

The guilt and shame of wanting to invest in yourself, in your financial future, in your lifestyle right now, means often we stall at the first hurdle. 

I want to empower more working women in business to take learn to love their money, to want to spend on the things they value, save for the things they seek and invest in the future lifestyle they desire with ease.

I am on this journey with you, having had two children and founding my own financial coaching business.

It's time to focus on your finance
and find your freedom.

My Story

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I'm Emma a wealth strategy coach.

I am a mummy to two very delicious small people Harry who is almost 4 and Rose who is almost 1. 

I was a dealer for a major investment bank for a decade in the city of London. I worked hard, I led a fast lifestyle but I knew that I wanted a different lifestyle.