5 ways you can invest your spare £200

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

What do you think about when you consider investing?

  • The stock market

  • Gambing

  • Danger

What if I told you.....

The purpose of investing should be to receive a REWARD in the future.

Investing isn't something you should do blindly, like a bet. Therefore you aren't gambling with your hard-earned money. With a bet, if it fails, you will lose all of your money and the gain, the thrill, is very short-lived.

Fundamentally when you invest, you are choosing to place your money into something that you hope will give you VALUE.

And investing doesn’t have to be in the stock market. This is just one option.

Here are my 5 ways you can invest £200

1: Spend it on yourself

Wow, a financial planner telling you to invest £200 by spending it on yourself.

But when you spend money on yourself, on the things you value, it is a powerful self-investment.

A new outfit can make you feel a million bucks. A new haircut can give you the confidence you need to show up to that networking event and win a client over.

You are your biggest investment. Because the best version of you is the best version for your loved ones. Being able to spend your money on yourself without guilt and with confidence will lead to more abundance for you and your family.

You are guaranteeing when you spend your £200 on yourself, for yourself, that you will benefit from that investment.

2: Invest in your personal development

If you want to create more wealth for yourself, you don’t have to put your surplus money into a pension or ISA, you can invest in your own personal development.

Whether this is learning a new skill or getting a new qualification, you are adding value that might lead to that pay rise. By investing in your personal development you will be better equipped to create more wealth moving forward.

If you invest in Financial Coaching, you can work on your money mindset and stop those financial sabotages that are at play. This will enable you to manage your emotions and your money more effectively. For example, if you spend £200 on a one-to-one session with me, I follow a proven financial coaching process to change your relationship with money, so you can start your journey of rewriting your Money Narrative!

Learn more here: https://www.emmawrightcoaching.co.uk/workwithme

When you invest in personal development you will feel better, more confident and your money will flow.

3: Invest in setting up a new venture

It used to be costly setting up your own business venture, you needed a lot of initial capital and therefore the risk of loss was far greater than it is today.

The emergence of the online entrepreneur means it has never been more cost-effective and straightforward to set up your own online business. All you need is your passion, an idea, and a platform to sell your product or service.

If you have a spare £200 you could use this to set up a website or join a membership that will guide you on how to launch your own online business.

4: Become Network Marketer

If you don’t know what to set up as an online business but you want a side hustle or a means to make more money with a readymade product, with no risk to you, then network marketing is a brilliant business venture.

You can buy into a network marketing company, the initial outlay can buy you some product to showcase and try for yourself, so it isn’t a huge investment.

I am part of a network marketing company. I am an Independent Partner for Ringana, a supplement and skincare company. I was already using their skincare products and it made perfect sense for me to start earning a commission by recommending their fresh, ethically made, products to my friends and family.

What’s great about this type of investment is that you can put as much or as little into it as you want. And it is fundamentally your business, backed by another more substantial business. You set your stall up. If you want to build a huge network and earn 6 figures, you can do that. If you want to earn enough to pay for your own purchases or that extra £200 a month to spend on yourself, you can do that too.

At Ringana you can become a partner without any initial cash outlay or you can spend £26 to buy a starter pack that usually has some products included for you to try. So the initial investment is very low. Some NML’s are more expensive to join. Your biggest investment is your time, which you control.

Watch this video to learn more about Ringana and if you’d like to join my team simply send me a message and we can talk!


5: Invest in the stock market

Although this Blog has been about other ways you can invest your £200 than the obvious stock market investment, this option can’t be forgotten.

You can set up an investment with just £1. So if you simply don’t know what to do with some of your £200 but you want it to work harder for you, and you are willing to lock it away for at least 5 years, then the stock market is could be the right place for your money.

Leaving your money sitting idle in cash is risky. The impact of inflation is damaging to your net worth. Year on year your money is losing its purchasing power due to the rising cost of goods.

When you invest in the stock market there are lots of tools to help you invest, such as platforms, readymade portfolios, and robo advice services that will do it all for you.

It doesn’t matter if you don't have much money to invest, just that you start. You're creating a new healthy financial habit and growing your confidence over time.

Get into the habit of investing in YOURSELF and paying yourself first each month.

You can do one or all of these options. I have! I budget for spending on myself every month, I am part of a financial coaching community, I have my own financial coaching business online, I am a Ringana partner and I invest each month into my ISAs and pensions. I pay myself first.

You don't have to do it all, you can pick and choose, but it is the starting that's important in line with your investment priorities. The worst thing you can do with your money is nothing. If you have a surplus of £200, make it work for you. There is a risk in inaction.

If you want to talk more about where to start with your investing journey, Email me at hello@emmawrightcoaching.co.uk to arrange a discovery call today.

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