7 steps to a wealthier lifestyle

In order to live your wealthy lifestyle, you need to first bring awareness to exactly what you want your lifestyle to look like.

Once you are clear on what you want from your life, you can create a plan to grow your wealth accordingly and live in alignment with your VISION and VALUES.

Fundamentally you will need to pay for your wealthy life, meaning your money is the fuel to living a life you love.

Here are 7 steps to a wealthier lifestyle.

Step 1: Create your wealthy VISION.

Ask yourself three simple questions:

  • What are you DOING?

  • What can you see?

  • How do you feel?

Write down everything that you want to be DOING in your wealthy life. If you want to be going on a retreat each year, write it down. Don’t hold yourself back even if that feels hard, impossible, or unattainable right now for whatever reason. Perhaps you want to get a massage every month and practice yoga twice a week. You’d love to get back into horse riding once a month and you want to have a holiday abroad at least twice a year.

This is your vision and it is what will give your plan a purpose, and it will be what will keep you motivated.

Also, ask yourself what you DON’T want to be doing. What are you currently doing, that in your wealthy life you would rather not be. I hate cleaning, it is a waste of my time, so I decided that my wealthy self would not be cleaning, I would instead be at yoga or working to earn money, and I would pay for someone to clean my house.

Step 2: Uncover your financial values.

Ask yourself what do you seek from your money?

Write all the words that come to your mind, such as fun, excitement, joy, freedom, travel, family time, security…… write at least 20 words down. Dig deep. You can always add to your list at any time.

Pick your top 3 financial values or notice those that always come to your mind?

Step 3: Bring awareness to your current spending

Once You understand what you want your wealthy life to look like and when you know what financial values are important to you, go through the way you are currently spending your TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY.

  • Do a diary of how you are spending your time. Once you know how you are spending your time, rate what you are doing on a scale of 1-10 against your VISION and your VALUES. Is what you are doing in alignment.

  • Review your spending and rate what you are spending on a scale of 1-10 against your VISION and your VALUES. Is what you are spending in alignment.

Are there things that you are DOING that are a waste of your TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY? How much of your time and money are you currently spending on your VISION and VALUES?

Are you living in alignment with the wealthy life you want?

Step 4: Work out how much your wealthy VISION is going to cost you

Often when we do a spending or budget plan, we are working out what we can afford. This feels restrictive.

When you are planning for a wealthier future, you need to work out how to spend your money, and in order to do that, you need to know exactly how much your lifestyle is going to cost you.

  • Start by working out your current expenses. This is your base.

  • Remove things from part 3 that you don’t want to be doing, that don’t align with a wealthy lifestyle.

  • From the list of everything you want to be DOING in part 1) that is aligned with your financial values in part 2) add these items to your wealthy spending.

Knowing how much income you need to generate to pay for your wealthy lifestyle may evoke an emotional response, but it is critical to know if you are ever going to create the wealth you need to pay for this life.

Step 5: Plan in things you can afford to DO right now

Of everything you want to do in your new wealthy life, highlight what is urgent, important, or critical. If you can afford to be DOING even just one thing from your wealthy life list, then why wait?

If it feels easier, you can start with the small things, like getting a cleaner to give you more time to do an extra yoga class. How much will this cost you, if you also stopped yourself buying a daily morning Starbucks that you realised you don’t actually value or enjoy? It could be a difference of £60 a month.

It is important that you keep doing what you start to do, a new financial or lifestyle habits take time to form. Be consistent and persistent. So by choosing just a few things in this way it is easy to keep it up. Over time, what starts out as feeling uncomfortable, will become the new norm with ease. You will feel free to spend your time, energy, and money in this new wealthy way.

Build this up over time, each month review your wealth planner.

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Step 6: Create pots for intentional future spending.

It is essential you live within your means, that you don’t get into debt to live this lifestyle, so take it step-by-step. If there is something that your wealthy self wants, that isn’t within your current means, save up for it, make a plan for what you really want.

If you want to go on a retreat, or a spa day, or go on holiday, save up for it into a designated savings pot.

By saving intentionally when it comes to spending this money you are removing any guilt or shame for spending this money on yourself and you will likely DO what you want to do with your money when the time comes.

Step 7: Grow your wealth over time

Whatever of your remaining disposable income, don't leave it in cash, instead, start an investment.

By investing you are creating a pot of wealth that will be accessible to you in the near future to fund your wealthy lifestyle.

An investment isn’t just for retirement. Depending on the tax wrapper, you can access your investment at any time. If you want to create an extra £500 of additional income each month to pay for an extra holiday or that monthly massage you need, then work out how much you need to save, when you want to access your money, and therefore how much you need it to grow.

Living a wealthier lifestyle starts right now.

It begins by living as closely aligned to your VISION and VALUES as you can, right now.

By living this way you are telling yourself, the inner wealthy you, that you are deserving of wealth. By living this way you will be more likely to create more money and you will give yourself permission to live a life you truly love.

Would you like to become wealthier?

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