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You know that you want to work on your money mindset because you are continually, and subconsciously, sabotaging your efforts to manage your money effectively.

You keep setting financial goals, but you are not making the progress you desperately need and want. You might be;

  • overspending

  • in a cycle of debt

  • keeping all of your savings safe in cash and losing money in real terms

  • putting off reviewing your pension

  • constantly giving your time away for free

  • never able to charge your worth in your business

  • just to list a few!

Famous business strategist Lisa Jonnson, who has turned her £30,000 debt into a multi 7 figure business, talks openly about putting her step up in success down to working on her own money mindset.

Creating a positive mindset with your money really is the first step to managing your money successfully.

You know that you want to make lasting changes to your relationship with money, but how should you work on your money mindset?

In order to make lasting changes and create new financial habits that will enable you to create more wealth and abundance, you need to work consistently and persistently on your re-writing of your Money Narrative.

Current research shows that it can take 21 days to 6 months to form a new neurological pathway. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Ways you can work on your mindset

Group coaching

As a good first step, you could join a group coaching program, a workshop, or a dedicated community. You will learn some of the practical tips to help bring awareness to your subconscious sabotages. These are cost-effective options to get your wheels in motion.

One-to-one coaching

If you work one-to-one with a financial coach you can achieve lasting transformation and earn a real return on your investment.

The power comes from working one-to-one with a financial coach.

Despite wanting to work on your money mindset, spending on your personal development can be the biggest barrier that gets in your way. This is especially true if your self-worth is low and your money isn't flowing. You will struggle to spend any money on yourself.

It's a catch 22!

Here is why investing in one-to-one coaching will give you that added return on investment and the long-lasting transformation you seek.

The focus is on you

Everyone's relationship with money is different. Your money story is unique to you. As a consequence, the challenges you face with your money are also unique. The work you need to do during your coaching sessions will therefore be tailored to your situation, completely bespoke so that you can re-write your money narrative.

You don’t notice everything you are saying or the things you don’t say!

An experienced coach's biggest skill is listening deeply and bringing to the surface what is important to you. Your biggest ah-ha moments happen when you hear back the things you've said that you didn't even notice you were saying. To have someone listen intently to you is invaluable. Furthermore, the things you don't say reveal just as much as the things you do, and a coach will notice this when working one-to-one with you.

Unique patterns of behaviour

Over time you will reveal patterns of behavior that your coach will challenge you on, that would likely go unnoticed, and unchecked, in a group situation.

You won't experience 'comparisonitis'.

Group situations can lead you to compare your own progress and situation to others, which can be demotivating and create further anxiety. Working one-to-one avoids this entirely.

Maintain focus and motivated

In a group situation, it is easy to lose focus on what your personal challenges are with your money. It is easy to be swept up in what others are saying. To challenge your inner beliefs, and subconscious sabotages, you need to remain focused and work on your relationship with your money consistently over time.

Private and confidential

In a group, you may feel awkward and nervous to open up about your finances. Your financial situation is private and confidential, after all. When you work one-to-one with your coach you will likely feel far more confident opening up about your money because you are in a safe space. Everything you tell your coach when working one-to-one is confidential. This is a vitally important part of the process and for your ultimate success.

Work on your relationship with money and work with me, a certified life coach, financial coach, and chartered financial planner.

Whether you work one-to-one or in a group, ensure you work with a certified financial coach. I am trained to use a proven framework that will change your relationship with money, the Money Narrivatie Clearing Process. I am also a Chartered Financial Planner, so when it comes to implementing practical financial plans, you can rest assured that you are in very safe, experienced, hands.

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