How to achieve overall wellbeing?

When we think of our wellbeing we automatically think of our physical wellbeing or our mental health.

Chris Budd, a fellow financial coach, talks a lot about financial wellbeing in his podcast. He explains that there are in fact 5 elements of wellbeing, which are physical, social, community, career, and financial. And we need to strike a balance and not neglect any one area, which I completely agree with.

Financial wellbeing impacts all areas, in fact, all areas are very much interconnected.

Personally, I have focussed on my career and social wellbeing for the last 2 decades! I have neglected my physical wellbeing due to working so hard and not allowing myself the time to eat well, my diet in London was terrible, and time to exercise. I focussed on work work work.

I believed to be successful I had to work hard. A mindset I am working hard on to change because as an entrepreneur I now know this is not the case. You need to work smart and give yourself the time to work on the other aspects of your life.

I talk a lot about time being your biggest asset. You won't look back and regret using your time wisely to be healthy and feel well. But you will likely regret working too hard and not enjoying your life when you had the chance.

I have re-prioritized my life and I want to share some simple tips you can do with your work-life balance to address one simple thing from each of the 5 areas of wellbeing:

Tip 1: Career – if you have a skill or talent you can capitalize on it for yourself. You can work smarter and create money from the knowledge you have, without quitting your day job if you don’t want to like I did. I retrained to be a financial coach so that I could use my skills for me and work smarter to make more money with the time I have, rather than trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Tip 2: Physical – make sure you make time to exercise regularly each week. Before I become pregnant, when I left the corporate world and started my own business I also discovered kettlebells. I trained 3 times a week and I felt amazing. I found a new lease on life. Habits are formed when you are consistent and persistent, so commit to your physical wellbeing just like you would with your career!

Tip 3: Community – you are the people you surround yourself with. If you want to change habits then you have to surround yourself with like-minded people. When I wanted to start my new financial coaching business I joined communities with people who understood and who I could learn from. I now have my own communities with the Money Mindset Support HUB (paid membership) and Focus Finance Freedom (free business community) which I have set up to create a supportive community for those who want to change their money mindset and focus on their finance and find their freedom! See links at the bottom for more information. So join a community and be part of something supportive!

TIP 4: Social – it has been hard with COVID to be social, but my biggest tip is to find the time to see your friends and loved ones. I ensure that I have time dedicated to my friends in my schedule and to take my little boy Harry things together.

TIP 5: Finance – despite being a financial planner, I didn’t have financial well-being because my mindset was all wrong. I have worked hard on my own money sabotages and continue to do so. My tip to you is to have a financial plan. Don’t just leave things until you need to do something. A simple thing you can do is to start checking your bank balance each week and bring awareness to your money habits.

Your money is part of your overall well-being. Without money, you don’t have the means to achieve the other aspects of your well-being. Money is your friend and with money, you can do a lot of good for yourself and those around you.

If you want to join my communities:

Focus Finance Freedom is my free Facebook community. Designed to bring like-minded ambitious people in business together to support each other on our quest for financial freedom. Visit:

Money Mindset Support HUB is my paid membership. Designed to support you to change your money mindset and find your abundance faster than if you do it alone. The membership will open again in July! Watch this space.

It's time to focus on your finance and find your freedom.

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