Is it time to consolidate your pension pots?

Have you got lots of different pension pots dotted around?

Did you know that 37% of us believe we have a missing pension pot? This is your money and part of your financial freedom fund.

If you have a number of pots' you may be better off consolidating them so it is easier for you to manage them. You can often benefit from better charges the higher your fund value, so if you consolidate you may be charged less for your pensions and get access to better more up-to-date investment funds.

Old plans are not always maintained to the current legalization and may not have the best funds or charges applied to them.

But please always be aware of any guaranteed benefits you have with old policies, if you have guaranteed benefits it is usually not better to lose them. You can seek advice on the merits of losing any guarantees and it is usually a bad idea to transfer out of a defined benefit pension scheme.

Visit: Go to if you need to track down any pensions!

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It's time to focus on your finance and find your freedom.

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