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Updated: May 2, 2021

When I was learning about becoming a coach, I have to admit I thought a lot of the coaching methodology was a bit far-fetched. I’m definitely a fact and figures girl, proof with scientific evidence and reasoning. As I dug deeper I was surprised to discover that coaching is backed by scientific research and forms part of our behavioural phycology.

If there is scientific research and proof as to why something works then I can really get behind it.

However..... when I read about manifesting your success it still sounded too out there for me. Many coaches describe the process of manifesting as sending a message to the universe, which I just do not believe in at all! Where is the scientific proof that the universe listens to you?

Not one to be deterred I dug deeper and found the rational reasons behind how manifesting your success can really work. It isn’t about sending a message to the universe, it’s about sending the right messages to your brain and then to those around you with your behaviors and actions.

Your brain, your thoughts, and your subconscious beliefs control your behaviors and your actions.

So...... what happens if you believe you are already successful even if you are right at the start of your journey?

Let’s bring this to life with some examples. Imagine you are Abigail. Abigail believes that she is successful in her role as a barrister. Due to her belief at the start of Abigail's career, she dressed confidently in her Louboutin heels and black power suits from Karen Millin. She always had her hair styled sharply and would always go after those challenging cases knowing she had the skills to tackle them.

What’s interesting is that Abigail, 20 years on and becoming an absolute success, her style hasn’t changed and her attitude is the same. She is the same person she always was, just a richer version of herself.

Abigail is a real person, she is my childhood best friend and someone I am incredibly proud of. Abigail manifested her success in life.

Imagine if Abigail didn’t believe in herself all those years ago. That she shouldn’t buy those Louboutins until she’d made it and not challenged her more experienced colleagues for those cases? The simple answer is she may have been a success, but it would likely have taken longer.

By believing in herself right from the start and behaving as the wealthy version of herself from the beginning, she sent a clear message that she was in business. Her actions supported her intentions and she didn’t subconsciously sabotage herself because her beliefs were unlimited.

Now you might be thinking, that’s great, but I don’t believe I am a success and I don’t have the money to buy an expensive wardrobe or the confidence to take on my experienced colleagues or peers.

So here are my 4 tips on how you can start to manifest your success right now:

1. Visualise your future wealthy self, and imagine what your doing.

2. Write a list of everything you would do if you were the wealthy version of yourself.

3. Choose one thing on that list that is within your budget and achievable now so you can implement that one thing right now.

4. Affirm your mindset, tell yourself every day that you are your future self.

You have to behave the way your future self would behave. And in order to behave the way you want to behave you have to believe you are that person.

When I did these 4 steps myself this is how it played out for me.

1. I could see a super successful confident woman who had her hair done, wearing lovely clothes. But one thing I noticed was that I had my nails painted.

2. I wrote a list of everything I would do, one thing I had on that list was getting a manicure regularly and paying for a cleaner, I hate cleaning my house.

3. Now right now, with covid, a new business, and a new baby, paying for a cleaner isn’t an option and neither is sitting in a nail salon with a newborn! So I asked my best girl pals from London what nail polish they use at home if they were to get that salon effect. With their advice, I spent £15 on a bottle of Opi nail polish (and they threw in a free bottle with the one I bought - a gift from the universe maybe?!).

4. I intend on dedicating just 10 minutes to painting my nails as I listen to my favorite podcast once a week. And to affirm my mindset I tell myself as I shower each morning that I deserve all the luxuries I desire in my life.

Your mindset subconsciously dictates how you behave. Don’t sit back and wait for your luck to change! It’s down to you to manifest your own success. The only person standing in your way is you.

Your net worth does not define your self-worth.

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