My 4 Secrets of Being a Successful Mummy In Business

Becoming a mummy and carrying on successfully in business is both daunting and a challenge.

How do I know? I had my first baby 3 years ago and I have just had my second, who is just 5 weeks old. I understand how hard it is to be an ambitious female in business and be at home being the best mummy you can be. I also understand the guilt of wanting both.

When I had my first baby I had no idea what was in store for me in terms of the changes I would need to make to both my mindset and working life. I think I was kidding myself that life could just carry on as it was, I would continue to travel the country as a financial adviser and I would be home in time for bedtime.

What this lead to were burnout and ultimate mummy guilt. I ended up quitting two jobs and going self-employed before starting my own business as a financial coach. And all of this happened before I had my second baby!

The reality is that I couldn’t possibly carry on in the same way I was pre-motherhood. I needed to be realistic and make changes. Not because what I was doing couldn’t work, it was simply that it wasn’t working for me. My reality was that I didn’t want to be traveling hundreds of miles every day, not seeing my son when I got up and only seeing him if I made it home by bedtime.

My working life didn’t align with my values as a new mother. Had I known this I would have made changes before I had my babies.

You can still be a success in business and be a brilliant mummy

Here are my 4 secrets of being a Successful Mummy in Business

1: Work on your mindset

Your mindset is everything when it comes to your success. You are the only person that will stand in your way.

When I had Harry I was subconsciously telling myself I can’t be a good mummy and carry on working!

Why did I think this way?

My own mum worked part-time when she had me and my grandmother stayed at home to take care of her 6 children! So it was inevitable that I believed it was wrong to work away from my young family. Or that I couldn't possibly do both.

In order to successfully transition into motherhood, you need to work on your mindset, uncover your subconscious beliefs that will sabotage your own success post-baby.

2: Work flexibly

Find a way of working more flexibly. You will have times when you need to leave work because your baby is unwell or things just aren’t going to plan.

Working 9-5 is a thing of the past. More employers understand this and the owners of these businesses are embracing this for themselves. As long as you get your work done you can work the hours that will support you and your new family. That wat you can drop off and pick up your children, cook dinner and still join that 8pm zoom with your clients.

3: Work fewer hours

You should work SMART not hard!

In today’s world working part-time doesn’t have to mean earning less money.

You don't have to go part-time either. You can work compressed hours, for example, 4 days in 5. This is what I did when I first went back to work after having Harry. This meant that I had every Friday off work but still got paid the same amount of money.

Your time is so valuable and the extra day at home is so helpful when you have an extra person to fit into your schedule.

You can use your spare day to get personal jobs done ordo some self-care, like going to the gym. Guess what, you don’t have to use your spare hours off work to have your baby at home, this is your time to what you want or need.

Don’t burn out post-baby. Find a way to work fewer hours for the same money!

4: Become your own boss

Two years after my firstborn arrived I decided that ultimately I needed to be my own boss to be able to manage my time and create the flexibility I wanted.

It takes a different mindset to become your own boss, but more and more people are running their own businesses. And more companies are outsourcing parts of their big businesses, so there has never been a better time for a start-up venture.

You can take your unique talent and monetize what you know. You can sell your skills, products, and services to make you money! I left the corporate world as a financial advisor and retrained to be a financial coach so that I could run my own company. I am not only a coach I am also a network marketer. I am a multi entrepreneur!

It can be daunting to go it alone. But the reality is that working for yourself doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. You will need a virtual team around you and you are able to join communities online to build a supportive network. I also have a desk I can ‘go to work’ if I want.

Setting up my own business has enabled me to take control of all aspects of my life and business.

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