The power of time blocking

Time blocking is something the gurus teach, and it is a process I have always done.

Time is your biggest asset, I bang on about this all the time. Particularly when it comes to being wealthy.

When we don’t have a plan on how we will spend our time, we end up wasting it and feeling that there is never enough time to get all the things we need to do done.

But here’s the thing, we all have 24 hours in each and every day, 7 days a week. Yet some people use that time and live a truly wealthy life, and others are on the treadmill…. Or the rat race! Most of us get up on a Monday morning and have a general plan for the week. We know what we have client meetings booked in and then we have a mammoth to-do list.

We start our day by going into our emails, and then what happens….. we get lost in them for hours. Emails are a hole we fall into so easily it’s the easiest thing to pick, it's routine, it's comfortable and we feel that we need to respond to every email straight away. We believe emails are important. When in reality, our emails aren’t the most important item on our to-do list.

Then, once you have climbed out of your emails, already feeling overwhelmed, we move on to looking at the to-do list. It has 20 things that NEED doing. The overwhelm spikes, the feeling of anxiety goes up. Your client meeting is looming, so you either shove it to the side or pick the easiest thing on the to-do list to at the very least get something done. Your brain likes achieving things, it makes you feel good, your overwhelm subsides and you feel a bit better. For now!

In reality, you haven’t achieved anything that is going to have an impact on your business and drive you forward. You aren’t wealthier.

You come back from your client meeting and then you pick up your phone and start scrolling on social media. Another habit you have. You find it relaxing, this is work, right? You're engaging with your followers, you are sharing some links to your free resources. Before you know if it's 4 pm.

You need to take control of your time.

If you want to be wealthy, feel wealthy, have wealth and grow your wealth, you need to time block.

Time blocking your diary will change your life. That is why the gurus teach this and will charge you a pretty penny for their time because it will have an immediate impact on your wealth. I’ve always had a habit of time blocking, without realising it was something critical to do. I still have my to-do list, things I need to do to achieve my long-term goals. However I have a plan and intentionally block out my diary to do each and every task, step-by-step each day of each week.

What is time blocking?

Time blocking is when you block out hours of your day, in your diary, to do one single task or action.

I use an electronic calendar to do this because I find this the easiest way to manage my time. It also reminds me to start the task, I don’t have to think about it again once it is in my diary.

I block out time for impactful actions I need to do in my business, urgent things that need doing, and other things I can do if time allows me to get ahead.

I also block out time for myself! Being wealthy isn’t just about working. You have to also find the time to DO what you value with your time and make sure you block it out.

By blocking out your time your brain doesn’t have to decide what it is going to do. If you give your brain the option it will do the things that are easy and comfortable, like emails and social media. It won't do anything hard or boring!

You can also focus on one thing at a time. Your brain cannot multitask. It isn’t possible. By blocking out the time your brain knows what it is doing and it focuses on that one single action.

What my working day looks like

  • 30 minutes to walk Doris the dog at 8.15.

  • 30 minutes for emails at set times, 9am and 4pm. I turn off notifications so I don’t get distracted.

  • 30 minutes for social media at set times, 9.30am and 2pm.

  • 10am I do something impactful. In the morning I have more energy so I always make sure I use the mornings to get things done that feel hard.

  • 11am coaching clients.

  • 12pm is lunch and a dog walk.

  • 1pm coaching clients.

  • 3pm important weekly admin. Social media scheduling. Blog writing. Email scheduling.

  • 4.30pm dog walk.

  • 5pm finish.

  • 6pm exercise 3 days a week

If I run out of time, I only do the time allocated and I block out more time to complete it at another time. If something comes up and I need to move something I always move work things, I never skip lunch and I never delete out things I need to do for myself each day.

When you start using this system you will get way more done because when you focus your brain and it is ready without distraction. You also teach your brain new habits that are healthy.

You will make more money by time blocking and you will feel wealthier overall because you will never run out of time for your yoga or your walking, time with your precious family.

Being wealthy isn’t just about the money, it is also about making the most of your time and energy.

As a working mummy, I want to be as successful; as I can be with the time I have for my little family and I want to be there for them too. So trust me when I say this system really works.

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