The true meaning of your WEALTH

The meaning you place on your money defines your wealth.

If you’re familiar with my blogs, you will know I believe you can be rich but not be wealthy. You can have all the money in the world but be unhappy, anxious, and not living your best life.

To bring this to life even further I have broken down the word WEALTH to help you to really understand what it takes to live a wealthy life.

The true meaning of your WEALTH

W stands for WELLBEING

When you are truly wealthy you are living your life in balance. Your money is the source of your wellbeing, meaning you don’t feel anxious and stressed out by it, instead you feel excited and free, and have financial wellbeing.

E stands for ENERGY

As a wealthy woman, you will spend your money with ease, spending your time and energy on what’s important. By doing this you will feel energised and you will learn to truly love your money.

A stands for ABUNDANCE

When you believe money will flow to you and that there is an infinite supply of money, you are in an abundant state of mind, you won’t worry that your money could run out. You will spend and invest with confidence knowing that more money will come your way. This is what it means to be wealthy.

L stands for LIFESTYLE

The way you live, your lifestyle, defines how wealthy you are. If you spend on what you VALUE and invest for what you DESIRE, you will have a lifestyle that represents what being wealthy really means to you. When you know what you want and you understand what your money can give you, you have the power to live a wealthy life.

T stands for TIME

Time is your biggest asset. When you make the most of your time by creating as much wealth as you can, when you can, and making sure your money work as hard as you did making it, you will be wealthy. You won't be wasting your time and energy and you will be wealthy.

H stands for HEALTH

Many people will tell you that your health is your wealth. However, I feel there is more to your wealth than just your health. However, your HEALTH is a vital part of feeling wealthy. When you spend time caring for yourself to make sure you are the best version of yourself, you will be able to be as healthy as you possibly can be. Without your health, then it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you won’t feel wealthy. Your health underpins your wealth.

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