Why it matters to be Vouched For as a financial coach

It’s hard to find a trusted financial adviser. It can feel overwhelming and this feeling leads us to put off until tomorrow those important money matters.

Financial coaching is a revolutionary service that is sweeping the financial services sector.

Not many people know what financial coaching is. So when you decide that you do need a coach, and would benefit from working one, where can you look?

Financial coaching is set to plug the gap for those who aren't yet wealthy enough for financial advice. Yet you can be a financial coach without having any financial qualifications at all.

In January 2022, Vouched For, which is like Trustpilot for financial services in the UK, launched a financial coaching arm.

The reasons that this was pioneered I understand is two-fold:

  1. To raise the awareness of financial coaching in the UK. There is a gap between where people don’t have enough wealth to qualify for advice or justify the fees, and qualifying, meaning people that need help managing their money are getting left behind. It has been recognised that financial coaching is a vital service if we are to bridge this gap and help more people to become wealthier.

  2. To give consumers confidence in finding the right coach for them. All coaches listed as Vouched For must be certified as a financial coach by one of the short-listed trusted bodies. If certified by a recognised body in the UK a financial coach can apply to be added to Vouched For. Then the coach can receive reviews that are publicly available. Qualifications and relevant experiences are listed so it is the perfect platform to use when you are looking for your own financial coach.

I have worked in financial services since I left school. My first job was in my local bank as a cashier at age 17 whilst I studied financial accounts and derivatives at the University of Manchester. A career in finance was always on the cards, with my love of numbers and a spreadsheet.

I have spent 20 years navigating the world of wealth management, climbing to the gold standard of advice as a Chartered Finance Planner. In 2019, as I stumbled by accident across coaching, I knew that this was the way I wanted to help people with their money moving forward as a financial coach.

At this time I didn’t even know that financial coaching was a thing. I thought I was about to invent the wheel for financial services. Little did I know that around the world money mindset coaches were popping up everywhere.

Having the qualifications to practice is something that I value highly. I have enough qualifications to sink a ship as a Chartered Financial Planner, so as I transitioned into the coaching world it was the obvious path for me to take to become certified. I first became a certified life coach, which is the general coaching qualification.

Then I become a certified financial coach with the Money Panel.

This means that I have gone through a lengthy financial coaching training and practice program to be able to carry the certified badge.

I know how to not only change someone’s relationship with their money through their mindset, but I understand how to integrate this with the practical aspects of their money management.

I am a 5 star rated Vouched For Financial coach and won a spot on the 2022 Times list for trusted advisers in the UK.

By working with me you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

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