Unlock my ULTIMATE secret success formula to upgrade your mindset and Elevate Your Wealth.


An impactful two part money mindset workshop, delivered in two biteszied 30 minute video teachings and a handy workbook for you to do the work in your own time.


Part 1, the teaching. understand the power of your mind,  how your brain works to protect you and thus the impact of negative subconsciousTHINKING.

Part 2, the doing. I will show you how to uncover your money story and what you really THINK about money, how this is manifesting in your BEHAVIORS so you can challenge your THOUGHTS limiting to you and take action to form new beliefs that will serve you.


Your thoughts influence your emotions and how this impacts your financial habits and behaviours without you even knowing it is happening if left unchecked.


Upgrade your mindset so you can live a wealthier life. A workshop you can revisit time and time again.

Elevate Your Wealth

  • Emma Wright is a wealth strategy coach.

    Emma has been helping 100's of wealthy individuals manage their money as a Chartered Financial Planner and has 20 years wealth management expertise.

    As a Certified Financial Coach she is on a mission to empower working women take control of their money, to create freedom to live a wealthy life they love.

    Just like you, I worked long hours that left me burned out until I upgraded my mindset, yes even financial professionals have money blocks!

    I believe that a happy world needs more confident financially independent women, so I want you to stop living in fear of wealth and instead I want you to make more money so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams right now.

    It is time to STOP dreaming and START living.

    I am also a mummy to two amazing little children. So understand how precious your TIME is. That is why you need your money, and your mind, to work SMART not hard. The mental load as a mummy is real, so lets get clear on what you want from your life and be ready to UPGRADE your mindset so you can be ready to manage your WEALTH.

    It’s time to focus on your finance and find your freedom.

    Emma xx