Why work with me


I empower ambitious business owners that are serious about protecting, creating, and growing the money they worked hard to make.


As a highly qualified Chartered Financial Planner, I have helped hundreds of wealthy individuals manage their money. With 20 years of wealth management expertise, including a decade as an investment banker, I have the expertise to create bespoke wealth strategies to transform your relationship with your money and your lifestyle.

I uniquely combine my advanced skills in financial planning with my tools as a Certified Financial Coach to enable you to master your money and your mind.


It is time to stop burying your head in the sand and fearing your money. Work with me to create the confidence you need to step into wealth.

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When we think of being wealthy we automatically focus on money management.

Your WEALTH is the sum of your Money, your Time & Energy plus your Mindset.


By working with me you will grow your wealth in a sustainable and meaningful way without missing out on any element of your wealth formula.


Research shows that over 90% of financial decisions are made by emotions, not logic. So it's a matter of mind over money!


I have created unique 1-2-1 packages to help you formulate your wealth management strategy and the mindset to implement it over time designed around you.


Stop fearing your money, instead be empowered by your riches to start living a wealthy life.


My 1-2-1 services explained

Wealth Strategy Package

My most popular program to get started on your journey to wealth as a business owner.


A focussed program that by the end of it leaves you with a bespoke wealth strategy created by me for you to implement immediately.


A 12-week experience consisting of specific 1-2-1 coaching sessions that enable us to create a bespoke wealth strategy blueprint designed entirely around you and your business.

You will gain clarity and get your money working as hard as you did making it so you can have more time & energy to live your best life.

Mind over money with Emma

My 12-week signature transformational financial coaching program focused on changing your relationship with your money.

Dig deep into your money mindset and take it step by step with me by your side.


You will explore your relationship with your money, re-write limiting beliefs and create new financial habits that serve you.

You will uncover and re-write limiting beliefs to create new financial habits that serve you.

Wealth Power Session

For those of you who aren’t quite sure whether you need to work on your mindset or your money, or if you just want to pick my very experienced brain.


Arrange a one-off wealth-power session and spend 45 minutes with me where I will help you gain clarity and move past those wealth blocks that are getting in your way.

I can educate your on your technical questions about investing, what tax accounts to use and anything else that is getting in your way. Or you can use this time to have a taster session of the power of financial coaching.

Want to get to know me first? Arrange your free discovery call or join my free community.


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